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  • Yellow Bear burns his Idols

    Yellow Bear burns his Idols

    Outside the Mission Church at Shoal Lake. Osawask was much pressured by Reverend Hines to convert to Christianity. He finally made this conversionin about 1899 and Hines required him to destroy any ritual objects he possessed.
  • Chief Albert Moore

    Chief Albert Moore

    Was elected Chief of Shoal Lake Cree Nation from 1910 to 1949.
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    Wacihk Education Complex

– Vision –

Shoal Lake Cree Nation will reconnect the past to the future through actions taken today.
Kāwētatā kopitamwak kayasēskamik kāki pē-ispanik isko otēnīkan kēhatispanik.

Shoal Lake Cree Nation is situated in east-central Saskatchewan, 92 kilometers east of Nipiwin (off Hightway 55), 60 kilometers west of the Manitoba border and 241 kilometers north east of Prince Albert.

The dialect is the Swampy Cree N dialect.

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping is the traditional livelihood.

The term for the Chief & Council is every 3 years.

The total current population is 1116.

The Nearest commercial airports are in Prince Albert and Saskatoon. Nipiwin and Prince Albert are the major service centres for the community, each offering a variety of amenities (grocery stores, restaurants, gas bars and recreation facilities).