Band Manager

Monitors daily operations of the Band, oversees the revenues and expenditures, submits financial statements to Aboriginal Affairs/Chief & Council, reconciles Bank statements, presents Audit statments to General Assemblies, The Band Manager shall prepare estimates of the revenues for the purpose of the Shoal Lake Cree Nation annual budget. Preparation of the annual consolidated budget. Band Manager can only make only payments and financial commitments which are within the approved budget shall be made after a Finance Meeting with Chief & Council. Maintain monthly financial meetings with Leadership to monitor program expenditures by comparing them to the annual budget.

Income Assistant Administrator

Assists low income families, submits utilities payment, meals voucher authorizations, Basic Needs, Special Needs, submits monthly stats to Aboriginal Affairs, reports directly to Chief & Council, etc.,


Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of Payroll services in accordance with department, regional and legislative requirements to ensure payroll and benefit processing occurs in an accurate and efficient manner. It is a support position with supervision provided by the Band Manager and accountable to the Chief & Council.

Accounting Clerk

Provides general accounting support in the following areas: A/R & A/P, data entry of payroll hours, work with spreadsheets, data entry of information,provides reports, reconcile accounts, filing as required, develop and maintain positive working relationships with Band Manager, co-workers, and suppliers; request and receive timely information for accounting purposes.

Receptionist / Indian Registry

Answer telephone,overseeing office workplace environment,maintain confidentality, be respectful on the telephone and in person, work well with others, be trustworthy,                                         


CMHC Administrator

Employment & Training Coordinator

Land Based Education Coordinator

“I work on the programming for the youth empowerment and encouragement . It teaches the Youth to embrace and learn about life development through cultural and traditional culture teachings”

Community Development Navigator

Responsible for overseeing the development of the Community Development Pilot Project. It requires a broad skillset and the ability to work cooperatively, collaboratively and respectfully with all Shoal Lake Cree Nation departments, the broader community and partners as we try to enhance and implement our Comprehensive Coomunity Plan. It should also bring a genuine interest in learning more about community planning and a passion for improving the quality of life at Shoal Lake Cree Nation.