Shoal Lake Weather Data

Click to see Weather Data at HoboLink

Saving this link to your favourites will give you an easy one “click” access to your real time, and historical weather (climate).

It opens to a table giving you current conditions. Every hour the new current weather is uploaded.

If you click on ‘Graph’ at top you can view the current day, week and month.

What you get: Air Temp; Wind Speed; wind direction; rainfall amount; barometer pressure; humidity; wind gusts.

It does not predict the weather nor does it record snow depth.   

This data is stored indefinitely, so that technically you can look back on your weather (climate) years from now. There are over 10 of these in Sask First Nations, with an idea of forming an Indigenous Climate monitoring network. CIRNAC and the U of S had scheduled a sponsored 2 day workshop in Saskatoon last April to give all the communities information and to answer questions. But then COVID hit. We still want to do this workshop in the near future. 

The school and science teachers could have the students work with this data as a teaching tool. I could assist with teaching weather to students, and the science teachers, perhaps after COVID. Another professor and I had planned to do this in the communities before COVID. 

We had a group from the climate adaptation committee set up the Shoal Lake station, I am looking for the photos. Ruth Bear has been involved along with Moe at PCAG. We have a climate change adaptation program running, funded by First Nations Adapt. Interviews were done and I am working with the data.